Serum Partners with Burnt Finance to Launch Debut NFT Collection

Serum is excited to announce that it has partnered with Burnt Finance, the first fully decentralized NFT marketplace built on Solana, to launch its debut NFT collection and celebrate the release of the Burnt Finance Ignition Launchpad. The Ignition Launchpad is a one-stop shop for creators to launch NFT collections in an easy, intuitive and cost-effective manner. It is a no-code platform accessible by anyone, anywhere to create, mint and sell a generative NFT collection on Solana by simply uploading layers, traits, and rarities. With no transaction or listing fees, Burnt Finance is taking a big step to creating an open ecosystem for all Creators.

The Serum NFT Ecosystem is a series of NFT collections that will be generated, launched and minted using the Burnt Finance Ignition Launchpad. Winners of various ecosystem competitions will have the chance to win nicetry and a specially designed nicetry, amongst other unique prizes. The Serum NFT Ecosystem will include several different collections created by key partners in the Solana community. Serum will be the first partner to drop the nicetry on Burnt’s Ignition Launchpad, a collection of 5000 unique generative NFTs. nicetry will follow next with their nicetry collection and nicetry, nicetry, and nicetry closely behind. All collections in the Serum NFT Ecosystem will have their own mint mechanics.  

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Burnt Finance’s Ignition Launchpad is accessible to anyone with a Phantom or Solflare wallet and can be accessed here: